$250 NICE, NEW Apt with Terazza, Great Location!

This brand new, 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, with terraza, never lived, in is renting at a great price, just $250! Located behind Superstock Department Store, walking distance to Coral Centro (major grocery store) and right off bus line. Wow!
              This is just a sample of what we can find in this price range. 


3/3 PLUS House with YARD - $400 in GREAT Location!

This house is in a great location at just one block from the Monay Shopping Mall and Bus Line!  The house has 3 bedrooms, plus a nicely finished buhardilla with bathroom (attic space) for guests, office or hobby room...and there is also 3 bathrooms. Most of the rooms come complete with nice looking light fixtures and curtains...that's a nice change from just two years ago when hanging light bulbs were the in thing. LOL. Views from most rooms too. 


Are You Paying Too Much For Rent in Cuenca Ecuador? 10 Warning Signs

Some of you might think you got a great deal on your rental and maybe you have. However, we know that many expats in Ecuador are overpaying for their rental house or apartment. So consider the list below to see if you may be getting gringoed on your rent.
  1. You procured your rental through an English speaking/ Ecuadorian real estate agent or online.  
  2. You asked for any one of these amenities in your new place: views 2) elevator 3) by the river 4) near shopping 5) walk to Supermaxi.
  3. You took the first price that was quoted and did not negotiate.
  4. Your new place is a furnished one bedroom suite. (Tourist rental) 
  5. Your landlord raised the rent after one year. (Illegal in Ecuador)
  6. You paid three months rent upfront. (The locals do not do this)
  7. You compared the Ecuadorian rental price to what you WERE PAYING in the u.s.
  8. You brought your u.s standards of living with you.
  9. You simply don’t care how much your rent is.
  10. You’re paying more than $400 for an unfurnished 3-bedroom 3-bath house, or you are paying more than $350 for an unfurnished 3 bedroom 3 bath apartment that does not have 24 hour security or elevator.
None of these are a guarantee that you are getting gringoed, but we think you should use it as a red flag, and do some more due diligence.   

Are you paying too much for your rent?

We're an Expat Family of Five Living Frugal, Healthy and Happy in Cuenca Ecuador! Enjoy the blog!


3/3 for $305 in Guarded 24/7 Gated Community

RENTED!  This is a 3 bedroom 3 bath home, walking distance to the Monay Shopping Mall and bus lines. Great location! It is has a yard so bring your dog! The home actually rents for $270 but there is a $30 monthly maintenance fee. 

There is a 24 hour security guard at the entrance to this gated community with other nice homes.We're told the guard checks everybody before he allows anyone in, so it is VERY SECURE.
There is no fences or tall walls around this home.

Take a look at the photos in the video and let us know if this fits your needs. BTW, this is just an example of homes we can find for you in the Cuenca area, so if you are ready to rent just let us know! PS...this home is not furnished. Please overlook the upheaval as the previous tenant is moving her things out. Thank you for your patience.